Printing Gallery

When at school Jo was involved in producing the school magazine (MLC Elsternwick), totally redesigning the publication which had previously always had the same layout. The advent of offset printing offered many more design options. The printer she was working with offered her a job after finishing school, however, he said she could not do an apprentice as a printer because she was 'female' (and to accept a studentship to do teaching if it was offered, which she did)

Around 25 years later (still female ! ) she bought a Heidelberg Platen printing press, which was one year older than she, and started designing and printing Wedding Stationery. Her business was ' Treasured Memories, Unique Wedding Stationery' and 'Bomboniere to Treasure'. She specialised in custom design orders and even took orders before the turn of the century from all over the world via the Internet. She also enjoyed using the press for die cutting, designing envelopes and bomboniere boxes to compliment the orders.

When the family had to move to Canberra the business was left behind.

Photos yet to be downloaded.